Guardia Civil advice

Advice from the Guardia Civil

General recommendations

Below is a list of guide lines issued by the Guardia Civil to keep your property and possessions as safe as possible;

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  • Make sure doors and windows are closed.
  • Always close the door using the key, not only with the latch, since this is easily opened.
  • Install in your housing an armored door. If your door is not armored, try to have at least two locking points, and there is no gap between the door and the floor. Reinforce the part of the hinges with steel pivots and metal corners to prevent pry the door. Install panoramic sights.
  • Assess the possibility of installing electronic alarm devices.
  • Never leave keys hidden in the mailbox, planters, meter box, etc.. As they may be located relatively easily by thieves.
  • Do not leave the blinds completely closed, it is a clear sign of absence.
  • If you live outside of the village good outdoor lighting and a dog, properly trained, are useful measures of deterrence.
  • Do not sleep with the windows open unless it has safety measures.
  • Leave clothes hanging if absences are not very long.
  • Do not completely disconnect power. The doorbell offline is an indication of absence.
  • Do not leave money, jewelry or valuables at home.
  • Do not leave items of nontrivial value without enclosing terraces.
  • Enter the serial number of household appliances, photography, video and the like.
  • Photograph jewelry and other valuables.
  • Do not discuss your absence or its duration with strangers, or allow the same warning messages on the answering machine.
  • In prolonged absences ask a neighbor to work with you through the collection of mail, checking the condition of the house, on a casual light, free radio or TV, etc.. Leave your phone number to locate you in an emergency.
  • Do not open the door to strangers using the intercom, it compromises your safety and that of your neighbors. Vendors, operators of water services, electricity, gas, are required to be accredited and you can check it by phone. If you figure a number that is not the official card of the employee, beware.
  • Make a good choice of domestic servants. If these people had access to the keys of entrance to the house, when the term of service, change locks.
  • In places community garage where the door latch is operated by a timer, wait until it is closed to prevent people take to enter.
  • Do not make appointments in the apartment with strangers, especially if the contact has been established by telephone, Internet or other means to provide anonymity.
  • In the presence of marks on doors or gates, or unusual noises in vacant houses, notify the competent body in the Security if the Civil Guard call 062 or 112 in any case. Remember to note any thing or suspect vehicle.
  • If the property has been purchased from another owner, or if new construction and several people have had access, it is advisable to change the slave cylinder of the lock.
  • Before leaving home check the presence of any person who does not inspire confidence.
  • Record the information from vehicles and / or people loitering around the house.
  • It is convenient to take out insurance, especially if you have valuables.

Recommendations for theft

Stay calm and do not enter the house or touch or move anything that may have been tampered with by thieves.
Notify the Security Corps competent in the area, if the Civil Guard call 062 or 112 in any case
In making the complaint present supporting documents of the stolen items such as invoices, photographs, etc..
Request a proof of filing of the complaint.

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